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Visionary Society Implications
live into being the world we envision
Begin by selecting any place

Implications is a way to take account of the places you use — exploring, envisioning and collaborating to make them deeper and better. You can:
— Explore the Implications of the businesses you use and groups you belong to.
— Rate businesses, add concerns and information, and track requests for improvement and commitments the place is making.
— Collaborative, provocative action ('Wake up')
— Accept our invitations to co-create Visionary Society!

Or browse businesses and organizations:

"The cure of the soul begins with a sense of embarrassment, embarrassment at our pettiness, prejudices, envy, and conceit; embarrassment at the profanation of life. A world that is full of grandeur has been converted into a carnival. Man is too great to be fed upon uninspiring pedestrian ideals. We have adjusted ideals to our stature, instead of attempting to rise to the level of ideals. The ceiling of aspiration is too low: a car, color television, and life insurance. Modern man has royal power and plebian ideals." Abraham Heschel

View a sample location page or place page to see how Implications works. Pamphlet with introduction to the idea.

Any place can have a page to explore the meaning of what they do. Implications is a neutral, public, shared space for the collaborative exploration of the actual and the ideal.

Look under the surface:
Ask for Depth


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